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Free fun today 2018 08 21

Check out all the free fun & happenings in Stockholm today. Everything is free!

There are a lot of free happenings going on in Stockholm every day. Start to have fun today without spending any money!

  • Free fun & Events
  • Free Movies, cinema & film viewings
  • Free exhibitions and museums
  • Free art & culture events
  • Free markets & street happenings
  • Free health, yoga & exercise events
  • Free lectures & meetups
  • Free activities for the children
  • Free outdoor activities
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Free stuff

Cheap Restaurants in Stockholm

Looking for a cheap restaurant in Stockholm?

Is your budget limited? Would you still like to go out and eat? There are several cheap restaurants & joints in Stockholm serving you a nice dinner at the cheap price of only 50-100kr/person.

  • Cheap restaurants in Stockholm
  • Very cheap joints & bars serving beer, meat & fries at low price.
  • Multi course dinner at cheap price in Stockholm
  • Dinner for 2 - pay for 1
  • Stockholms restaurant schools serve buffets & a la carte menus at cheap prices
  • Our recommended restaurants, serving fresh food at low price
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Looking 4 cheap beauty & spa?

Get pampered today!

Budget shopping at cheap price

Like to shop at cheap discount prices in Stockholm?

Is your budget limited? Would you still like to go out shopping in Stockholm? Interested in high quality brands at discount price? There are several ways to keep a low budget and still buy high quality items in Stockholm.

  • Cheap second hand stores in Stockholm
  • Where to make real bargains!
  • Exclusive second hand stores offering brand items at low price
  • Luxury vintage shops including brands like Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Dior...
  • Brand outlet stores in Stockholm
  • Outlet malls in Stockholm with multiple outlet stores & different brands
  • Discounts, sales & offers
  • Our recommended low cost, discount stores & second hand shops
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Looking for a cheap hotel?

Cheap Stockholm hotels

Cheap low cost beauty treatments in Stockholm

Stockholms beauty schools offers a lot of different SPA & beauty treatments at very cheap price since performed by senior students.

Would you like to go to the SPA, get a full facial, nail extensions, massage or a new haircolor? Go to the salon & get pampered at very cheap price in Stockholm.

  • Nail extensions 150 min - 450kr
  • Classic manicure 45 min - 200kr
  • Pedicure 55 min - 250kr
  • Haircut, wash & blow 60 min - 195kr
  • Hair extensions - 25kr / strip
  • Back massage 30 min - 200kr
  • Full body massage 90 min - 350kr
  • Full spa treatment 75 min - 450kr
  • Facial 60 min - 250kr
  • Hair removal uper + lower legs 60 min - 350kr
  • Brow & lash coloring - 100kr
  • Permanent eyelash extensions - 250kr
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Free happenings in Stockholm

Free Fun

Free stuff, giveaways & donations in Stockholm.

Looking for free stuff in Stockholm?

It is possible to furnish an entire apartment for free! Get promotional stuff for free or test, review & keep the newest gadgets and electronics out there.

  • Listings of free furniture, electronics & appliances every day
  • People in Stockholm are giving away all kinds of stuff & donations
  • Free promotional stuff, no cost!
  • Giveaways & goodiebags in Stockholm
  • Great deals and offers in Stockholm today
  • Test, rate & review new gadgets, then keep them for free
  • Try out new food products for free, eat for free
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Cheap restaurants in Stockholm?

Low price dinner

Cheap low price hotels & hostels in Stockholm

Looking for a cheap, low cost hotel / hostel in Stockholm, Sweden?

Why pay full price on regular expensive hotels charging 700-2000kr/night or more? There are a lot of cheap, low price alternative accommodations in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Low price accommodations in Stockholm city
  • Hostels & hotels through STF Svenska turistföreningen, from 215kr/night
  • Cheap low cost budget hotels, price from 200kr/night
  • Cheap hostels in Stockholm, price from 180kr / night
  • Dorms & other accommodation alternatives
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