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Best things in life are free

Free hair color & free haircut in Stockholm, Sweden. Become a hair model.

Get a new hair color for free or a fashionable free haircut in Stockholm, Sweden. New hair products & new hair trends need hair models for showing. Sign up to be a hairmodel and keep track of what models are needed at the moment.

Schwarzkopf are constantly looking for all kinds of hair models for coloring and hair cuts at no cost. Get a new trendy new haircut for free,  and a goodie bag at no cost. All info & castings in Stockholm are displayed on
Schwarzkopf  Facebook page:

Björn Axén
Björn Axén offers both free hair coloring, haircuts, beards, styling & treatments on hairmodels at no cost. Also student treatments such as hair color, hair cut, styling or hair SPA at very cheap price at the school, or trainee hair treatments at discount prices at the salon. To become a hairmodel and get free hair color or haircut, send your application to
More info on hairmodels or student treatments:

Sign up to be a hair model at Hårologi who are always in need of hair models for courses, tours, shows and more. Choose your hair treatment of interest for example perm, hair color, haircut or highlights and get it for free. Also a chance to participate in photoshoots or hair fashion shows.
Sign up to be a hairmodel:

L’anza are constantly looking for hair models for different shows, displays and events, both men and women. You will discuss the type of hair treatment in advance to be fully aware of the result, for example haircut, coloring or styling. More information and
sign up form to be a L’anza hairmodel:

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Best things in life are free

Try, rate & review new products for free, become a product tester! present current product tester openings.


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Best things in life are free

Luxury brands second hand & vintage shopping in Stockholm, Sweden

Östermalm is considered the slightly upper class part of Stockholm City. Cheap price on items signed gucci, prada, dior, chanel & many more…

Rich and famous people live in Östermalm, and the neighberhood also offers many luxury brands and high quality vintage & second hand shops well worth a visit. Here are our favourite luxury brand second hand stores in Östermalm, Stockholm City:

The Vintage Boutique
If you like high quality brands & expensive items, this is the second hand vintage store for you! The Vintage Boutique is specialized in high quality brands like Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton and many more. Mostly luxury brand accessories like purses, bags, wallets, sunglasses and shoes, but also clothes, fur and coats.
Address: Karlavägen 36, Stockholm City

Boutique Finest, First & second hand
This little second hand & vintage shop is filled with luxury brands, clothes, coats & jackets, bags, shoes and jewellery. DO NOT miss the box on sale in the window selling out items 39kr/each or 3 items/100kr. What a great bargain!
Address: Sibyllegatan 59, Stockholm City

Birgittas Second Hand
This second hand & vintage store has everything from shoes, jackets, coats, handbags, accessories, gala dresses and much more! They also have menswear down the stairs. Luxury brands and high quality bargains can be made at this luxury vintage & second hand store.
Address: Sibyllegatan 63

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Best things in life are free

Free film previews, cinema & movie theater tickets in Stockholm present current & coming free film previews, no cost cinema & movie screenings & free theater tickets in Stockholm

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Best things in life are free

Great deals online, free stuff & very cheap offers in Stockholm present the latest greatest deals online, free stuff and very cheap offers right now:

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Best things in life are free

Cheap low price permanent eyelash extensions in Stockholm, Sweden

Permanent eyelash extensions gives you full, thick and long lashes every day for weeks and weeks, without having to use fake eyelashes or lots of mascara. Full price for permanent lash extensions is about 1300-1600kr, but this treatment is available much cheaper at Stockholms beauty schools, performed by senior students.


Xtreme lashes

Get permanent lash extensions as cheap as 850kr including cleansing products at a value of 210kr. Lash extensions by senior students takes 2-3 hours.
Address: Karlavägen 68, Stockholm
More info:
Bookings: 08- 664 25 21



Lashia eyelash design offers very cheap eyelash extenstions done by students in Stockholm. Price is only 250kr, very cheap!
Address: Hägerstensvägen 118, Hägersten
Booking page:


Patricia Beautycare

The salon offers permanent eyelash extensions at the cheap price of 600kr, refill is 300kr.
Address: Järnvägsgatan 70, Sundbyberg
Bookings & treatments:


Beautybox & Bisse Beth

Get permanent eye lashes done by students at low price at Salon Beautybox & Bisse Beth. Price is only 550kr / set.
Address: Johan Printz väg 12, Johanneshov
Treatments & Prices:



Glowme salon offers permanent lash extensions at the cheap price of 490 kr performed by newly graduated students.
Address: Östergatan 27A (Grusåsen), Södertälje
Bookings eyelashes: Linda 0735-504131

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Best things in life are free

Low cost budget SPA & Cheap beauty treatments in Stockholm

Senior students at Stockholms beauty schools are offering massage, SPA treatments, full facials, nail treatments, haircuts / hair coloring and  lash / brow coloring at cheap prices.


Elisabethskolan offers all kinds of SPA treatments like massage, facials, self tanning, hair removal, make up, manicure & pedicure, all at very cheap prices since performed by senior students. Price 100-550kr / 45-120 minutes.
Prices: Elisabethskolans price list
Bookings: 08-442 72 40
Address: S:t Paulsgatan 25, Stockholm


Gildaskolan offers all kinds of SPA treatments like facials, brow & lash coloring, massage, hair removal, make up, manicure & pedicure.
Prices 100 – 650kr / 30 – 120 min. They also have different treatment programs 5 times / 1000-1800kr.
Address: Sveavägen 52, Stockholm
Bookings: 08-440 05 97


Axelssons gymnastiska institut have many low cost treatments performed by students, for example all kinds of massages, foot care, facials and hair cuts / hair treatments.
Prices: 200-950kr / 20min – 3h
Hair & foot treatments- Gästrikegatan 17, Stockholm
SPA treatments – Tulegatan 24, Stockholm
Massage & reflexology – Gästrikegatan 10, Stockholm
Prices and Treatments:
Bookings: or
Foot treatments: 08- 33 68 40
All other treatments: 08- 545 459 10


This beauty school offers all kind of treatments at low prices performed by students. Get a cheap facial, back massage, cellulite reduction, detox treatments, full SPA treatments, make up, brow & lash coloring, hair removal, nail, hand or foot treatment.
Prices 100 – 680kr / 30 –  90min. They also offer treatment programs, 4-10 times / 850-2975kr in total.
Address: Kungsholmstorg 6, Stockholm
Treatments & prices (click on desired treatment in top menu) :
Bookings: or phone
08-653 37 22


Hälsoteket offers very cheap massages performed by students. The session contains an interview, deep tissue massage & muscle stretch and takes about 45-50 min. Price is only 60kr.
Address: Åldermansvägen 19-21, Solna
Prices & bookings


Aaltos optimala hälsa
All kinds of cheap treatments performed by students. Make up, brow & lash coloring, deep cleansing, facials, manicure, pedicure, massage, hair removal & sliming treatments. This salon also preformes permanent make up tattooing at cheap price.
Prices from 100 – 600kr / 20 – 90 min.
Address: Kyrkvägen 20, Upplands Väsby
Prices & treatments:
Bookings: 08-590 737 09


Europeiska massage-akademin
Specialised in massages at very low price since performed by senior students. Massages 30-75 min / 160-260 kr.
Address: Gamla Huddingevägen 435, Älvsjö
Bookings: 08-99 22 90 or 070 721 22 90


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Best things in life are free

Best things in life are free

Best second hand shops & vintage stores in Stockholm

Ekostil presents the best second hand shops & vintage stores in Stockholm.

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Best things in life are free

Fine dining & cheap price restaurants at Stockholms restaurant schools

Stockholms restaurant schools presents their own restaurants where senior students will prepare luxurious exclusive but cheap food and several course lunch & dinner menus at low cost budget prices. Make your table reservations in advance.


Stockholms Hotell- och Restaurangskola

Flitiga Lisa
Restaurant Flitiga Lisa is open at lunch hours and evenings exclusive menus at low cost. This is The Stockholms restaurant schools best restaurant, still with cheap prices. Enjoy a 3 course lunch menu for only 105kr! They also serve 7-course menus and world inspired buffets prepared by the senior students.
More info & menu: Flitiga lisa
Bookings: 08 – 600 63 50 / 08 – 600 63 00
Address: Arenavägen 60

Adult students and senior students serve a 10 course buffet some parts of the year, for example the christmas buffet or the midsummer buffet.
More info & menu: Terassen
Bookings: 08-600 63 50
Address: Arenavägen 60


Stockholms internationella Restaurangskola

Restaurang SIR
Enjoy cheap food at this restaurant serving both lunch and luxurious dinner menus prepared by senior students.
Info & menu: Lunch menuDinner menu
Bookings: 070-1660709
Address: Alströmergatan 39

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