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Low price cheap restaurants in stockholm, Sweden

We recommend Stockholms most affordable restaurants. Cheap but fresh!

This restaurant serves dumplings at cheap price. 3 dumplings / 29kr. Choose different flavors like duck, pork, samon etc all at the same price. 6-9 dumplings is probably a good start for a lunch or dinner.
Address: Hornsbrukargatan 26, Grevturegatan 1, Kungsgatan 25, Kocksgatan 52

Holiday buffé

A fresh buffet including sushi, different asian dishes, soup, sallads, fruits and desserts for only 98kr at lunch hours (mon-fri), coffee included! The evening and weekend buffet is 129kr! Still very cheap and affordable!  All U can eat!
Address: Mäster Samuelsgatan 60, near the central station

Jerusalem Kebab
Here U can eat a tasty kebab costing only 29kr. They also serve big full plates with falafel, rice, meat / chicken, different sauses and sallad for only 50-70kr. A lot of fast food at it’s cheapest.
Address: Götgatan 59

Restaurang/Bar Teodora
Cheap food and cheap alcohol! Shots for only 20kr/each (5 shots /100kr), a big plate with fries and bearnise at a cost of only 35kr.
Address: Sankt Eriksgatan 53 B

Texas Burger Co
This will be the best burger U ever tasted! We recommend the dish ‘The Works’ or ’Faijita burger’, a real feast for under 100kr uncluding fries,  coleslaw and pickles.
Address: Hantverkargatan 63

Yoku Sushi
Near Fridhemsplan subway station this little asian restaurant offers 7 pieces of sushi at a cost of only 45kr at hours 14.30-16.30 every day, misu soup included! Full price for 7 pieces and misu soup is 55kr, still very cheap! Fresh food and friendly staff.
Address: Fridhemsgatan 34

Kungsholmens Pizzeria
Very large pizza enough to share. Prices from 80kr / pizza, including soda, bread, sallad & coffee at lunch hours. We highly recommend the “Kebab pizza” or “avocado sallad”. Perfect for takeaway!
Address: Celsiusgatan 9

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