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Low cost budget SPA & Cheap beauty treatments in Stockholm

Senior students at Stockholms beauty schools are offering massage, SPA treatments, full facials, nail treatments, haircuts / hair coloring and  lash / brow coloring at cheap prices.


Elisabethskolan offers all kinds of SPA treatments like massage, facials, self tanning, hair removal, make up, manicure & pedicure, all at very cheap prices since performed by senior students. Price 100-550kr / 45-120 minutes.
Prices: Elisabethskolans price list
Bookings: 08-442 72 40
Address: S:t Paulsgatan 25, Stockholm


Gildaskolan offers all kinds of SPA treatments like facials, brow & lash coloring, massage, hair removal, make up, manicure & pedicure.
Prices 100 – 650kr / 30 – 120 min. They also have different treatment programs 5 times / 1000-1800kr.
Address: Sveavägen 52, Stockholm
Bookings: 08-440 05 97


Axelssons gymnastiska institut have many low cost treatments performed by students, for example all kinds of massages, foot care, facials and hair cuts / hair treatments.
Prices: 200-950kr / 20min – 3h
Hair & foot treatments- Gästrikegatan 17, Stockholm
SPA treatments – Tulegatan 24, Stockholm
Massage & reflexology – Gästrikegatan 10, Stockholm
Prices and Treatments:
Bookings: or
Foot treatments: 08- 33 68 40
All other treatments: 08- 545 459 10


This beauty school offers all kind of treatments at low prices performed by students. Get a cheap facial, back massage, cellulite reduction, detox treatments, full SPA treatments, make up, brow & lash coloring, hair removal, nail, hand or foot treatment.
Prices 100 – 680kr / 30 –  90min. They also offer treatment programs, 4-10 times / 850-2975kr in total.
Address: Kungsholmstorg 6, Stockholm
Treatments & prices (click on desired treatment in top menu) :
Bookings: or phone
08-653 37 22


Hälsoteket offers very cheap massages performed by students. The session contains an interview, deep tissue massage & muscle stretch and takes about 45-50 min. Price is only 60kr.
Address: Åldermansvägen 19-21, Solna
Prices & bookings


Aaltos optimala hälsa
All kinds of cheap treatments performed by students. Make up, brow & lash coloring, deep cleansing, facials, manicure, pedicure, massage, hair removal & sliming treatments. This salon also preformes permanent make up tattooing at cheap price.
Prices from 100 – 600kr / 20 – 90 min.
Address: Kyrkvägen 20, Upplands Väsby
Prices & treatments:
Bookings: 08-590 737 09


Europeiska massage-akademin
Specialised in massages at very low price since performed by senior students. Massages 30-75 min / 160-260 kr.
Address: Gamla Huddingevägen 435, Älvsjö
Bookings: 08-99 22 90 or 070 721 22 90


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