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Cheap nail extensions, manicure & pedicure in Stockholm, Sweden

We present Stockholms best nail schools offering very cheap nail extensions, manicure & pedicure done by senior students.


Scratch Nails Acadamy
Get your nails done by senior students at cheap prices. Nail extensions, nail laquer, manicure, pedicure & different treatments. The school offers nail extensions with acrylic nails, silk nails or glassfiber nails. Prices from 245kr, here are som examples:
Nail extensions 150min / 445kr
Spa hand & nail treatment 180 min / 450kr
Permanent nail laquer 75 min/ 250kr
Pedicure 75min / 375kr
Address: Linnégatan 4
Bookings: 08-796 94 94
Info & prices (cheapest prices at student treatments at the bottom):


Elisabethskolan offers all kinds of nail treatments like manicure, nail lacquer, pedicure and full SPA treatments, all at very cheap prices since performed by senior students. Prices on nail treatments 250-450kr / 45-90 minutes.
Prices: Elisabethskolans price list
Bookings: 08-442 72 40
Address: S:t Paulsgatan 25


Gildaskolan offers all kinds of nail treatments like classic manicure, nail strengthening, permanent nail laquer, pedicure & SPA-manicure including paraffin bath. They also have other kinds of Spa treatments. Prices on hand / foot / nail treatments 150 -390kr / 45 – 90 min.
Address: Sveavägen 52
Bookings: 08-440 05 97


SNS Solna Nagelskola
All kinds of hand and foot treatments, nail treatments and nail extensions. The school is also welcoming all kinds of “problem nails” as practice for the students.  Prices are only 100kr – 250kr / treatment.
Info, prices and bookings:


Vasastans Nagelcenter
Get cheap nail extensions done by senior students at Vasastans Nagelcenter. Prices from 325kr / 120 min.
Address: Frejgatan 19
Bookings: 0736-212 669 or 0736-212 669

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