Cheap restaurants in Stockholm

Cheap food & cheap beer presents the cheapest joints in Stockholm. Cheap food, cheap beer & cheap design.

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Cheap food & Restaurants

We recommend:

This restaurant serves dumplings at cheap price. 3 dumplings / 29kr. Choose different flavors like duck, pork, samon etc all at the same price.

Holiday buffé
Buffet including sushi, different wok-dishes, sallads, fruits & desserts for only 98kr, coffee included!

Jerusalem Kebab
Eat a tasty kebab cost only 29kr. Other generous dishes 50-70kr a plate, big enough to share.

Texas Burger Co
A proper burger for under 100 kr including fries, coleslaw and pickles.

Yoku Sushi
This asian restaurant offers 7 pieces of sushi at a cost of only 45kr at hours 14.30-16.30 every day, misu soup included!

Kungsholmens Pizzeria
Large pizza enough to share. Prices from 80kr, including soda, bread, sallad & coffee at lunch hours.

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Fine Dining at low cost

Stockholms restaurant schools present cheap lunch menus & 3-7 course dinners at a low price range.

Restaurang SIR
Enjoy cheap food at this restaurant serving both lunch and luxurious dinner menus at low cost, prepared by senior students.
Info & menu: Lunch menuDinner menu
Bookings: 070-1660709
Address: Alströmergatan 39

Flitiga Lisa
Restaurant Flitiga Lisa is open lunch hours and evenings with exclusive menus at low cost. Enjoy a 3 course lunch menu for only 105kr!
More info & menu: Flitiga lisa
Bookings: 08 – 600 63 50 / 08 – 600 63 00
Address: Arenavägen 60

Adult students and senior students serve a 10 course buffet some parts of the year, for example the christmas buffet or the midsummer buffet.
More info & menu: Terassen
Bookings: 08-600 63 50
Address: Arenavägen 60

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